Welcome To A World Of Herberts!

Welcome To A World Of Herberts!

As a small intro to this blog I’d like to introduce Herbert, our beloved and adorable Mini Mammoth ‘mascot’. Herbert has existed since the blossoming days of Mini Mammoth Games. To allow staff and supporters of us to also get to know Herbert we have created an array of ways for people to interact with him!

This initial idea was inspired by streamers and specifically twitch streamers and their use of custom emotes. This came as a way to easily help with announcements on our social media accounts, having a happy and celebrating mammoth sounded like a great way to help grab viewers attention. This also gives the Mini Mammoth brand a very recognisable character which can also be found snoozing within our logo.

Here are your basic emotes with multiple emotions to choose from:

If you want a little more spice to your emotes we have these fun ones to choose from:

The only place where you will currently be able to access and use these emotes will be on the Roving Rovers discord. Where you might find some extras that we haven’t shared here:

Thanks to everyone supporting us and Roving Rovers!

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