Hypercasal Games

Hyper casual products are the sugar high of the gaming world. They are the sort of games people can pick up and put down on the day to day, giving them the quiet fun they need while riding the bus or waiting for the kettle to boil.


Pick up and play style gameplay designed for people on the move.


Built in weeks rather than years, we get them to players quickly so that we can make them into the games they want.


Easy to learn, easier to play.


The wild west of gaming, anything goes with these experiences.

Engagement Support


We work with you to make the experiences that will delight your audience and keep them coming back.


We work to get your audience excited for you and the things you make.


Together we can make something unique and memorable.


Our processess can fit your timelines.

Educational Program

We are focused on building revolutionary developers for now and the future

Work experience

Our workplace is a safe place for high school students to grow the skills they will need as adults.

Workplace Integrated Learning

Helping tertiary students gain the experience they need to enter the industry sooner.

Education Institutional Partnerships

Working with Academies and Universities to fill the world with talented game developers.

Industry Growth

A healthy industry needs a large workforce.

Organisations we work with

Corporations and businesses

Every business needs to engage its audience consistently. When we work with private interests we aim to bring in new audiences and get them excited for that organisations products and services.


Local Councils

Engaging communities is what we do best. When a council needs to get its residents excited for a new initiative, our work can make that a lot easier.



When the government has a new initiative(or an old one that lacks life) we are there to help get people interested. Whether it's youth outreach, green living or some other goal, we can help get people enthused for the changes coming to them.


Not For Profits

Whether it's bringing in a new audience or exciting an old one, we can help. NPO’s come to us because they know we will look after them and work according to our values.


Education institutes

We are dedicated to helping people realise their dreams of becoming game developers. We will go out of our way to help.


Real Estate

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