Welcome To A World Of Herberts!

Welcome To A World Of Herberts! As a small intro to this blog I’d like to introduce Herbert, our beloved and adorable Mini Mammoth ‘mascot’. Herbert has existed since the blossoming days of Mini Mammoth Games. To allow staff and supporters of us to also get to know Herbert we have created an array of […]

Feature image for Mini Mammoth Games' trip to Melbourne for Melbourne International Games Week. The top shows the logo for a mobile game called Idle Gangs. Below this is an image of all Adelaide developers that attended.

Melbourne International Games Week 2022

Melbourne International Games Week of 2022 This year Mini Mammoth Games was able to go to Melbourne International Games Week for the first time! We managed to make it to all four events and had an excellent time there, being able to interact with both South Australian developers and developers from across the country. It […]

Mammoth Hair Style Tips

When we think of the majestic mammoth our thoughts tend to lean towards a large imposing mammal that could strike us down with minimal effort. But what if we thought of them as large gentle dog-like creatures? Similar to how rhinos and elephants can be quite friendly and docile when shown love and care, what […]

Ocean Harvest

Mini Mammoth’s adventure into the Arcade Idle genre through Ocean Harvest! Hi everyone, I am a developer and project manager with Mini Mammoth Games.If you didn’t already know, Mini Mammoth creates games for the Hyper Casual Space, and we love to explore new genres and ideas. Our current focus is Ocean Harvest, an arcade idle […]

International Womens Day 2022

How Having Women Founders Benefit Start-ups We are Mini Mammoth Games, an 8 piece indie game studio based in Adelaide. We develop a wide range of hyper casual games for both the Android and iOS mobile platforms. When creating a startup, the identity of those who are a part of the team might not seem […]