Mammoth Hair Style Tips

When we think of the majestic mammoth our thoughts tend to lean towards a large imposing mammal that could strike us down with minimal effort. But what if we thought of them as large gentle dog-like creatures? Similar to how rhinos and elephants can be quite friendly and docile when shown love and care, what if we view them as such?

Much like how we dress up and decorate our own furry friends, why can’t we do the same to our much larger furry friends? For example we could use their luscious locks and create unique and personable hairstyles or haircuts to show off how silly, goofy or imposable they are. Their hair can range from a dark brown to a warm orange or a pale blonde, this also implies pet safe hair dye could also be used for a fun splash of colour.

Mammoths had 2 coats, the outer coat that consisted of long hair and then the shorter undercoat. This allows for a range of differing styles as they can have hairstyles for both longer and shorter hair or a combo of both, this is important!

Here are a few of our suggestions should you find a mammoth friend!

Hairstyles for the head:

Hairstyles for the body:

Hairstyles for the tail:

Now that you have seen our suggestions, how will you show off your mammoth friend?

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