From the moment mankind first looked to the skies, we've looked to the Moon. Take part in shaping the future.

Roving Rovers is an extra-terrestrial survival simulation, in which players are tasked with setting up the first stages of a lunar colony using a remote control rover. Alongside the Andy Thomas Centre for Space Resources, Roving Rovers has grown from a humble recreation of the Australian Rover Challenge and become a potential to experiment with current research into lunar soil and it’s uses. With a backing of excited researchers, Roving Rovers is on it’s way to become a realistic a commercially available tool to experiment and determine the most efficient and safe methods of creating a lunar colony. Furthermore, with the success of Roving Rovers, it can become instrumental in creating habitable colonies in the wider galaxy.

Roving Rovers started and has continued as a collaboration between Mini Mammoth Games, Flinders University, The Andy Thomas Space Centre and Adelaide University!