Roving Rovers

3D / Casual / Exploration

Want to explore the moon and build a habitable city for mankind? Well do we have the game for you!

Roving Rovers is an extra-terrestrial survival simulation game, in which players are tasked with setting up the first stages of a lunar colony using a rover. This subreddit allows players to share their experiences and interest in Roving Rovers and the wider rover community and achievements.

Roving Rovers started and has continued as a collabaration between Mini Mammoth Games, Flinders University, The Andy Thomas Space Centre and Adelaide University


  • Create your own unique rover
  • Wander through the world and interact with various machinery
  • Build a habitable city for humans to live on the moon


  • Easy to understand mechanics
  • Modular vehicle design
  • Entertaining but also educational game


  • Edee
  • Camryn
  • Anja
  • Tyler
  • Ben
  • David
  • Tamara


$200, 000


Singleplayer | Modular Rover | Simulation | 3D