Critter Capture

2D / Casual / Cute

Chase and catch various cute critters and display them in your own decoratable terrarium!

Use your net to capture the bugs by drawing circles around them with your finger. As you become more skilled at catching bugs, you will find new exciting critters with powerful abilities that they use to interrupt your capture attempts. You will have to build combos to catch the critters quicker by circling them many times before they bump into your net. Once you’ve caught some critters, display them in your terrarium which you can fill with decorations.


  • Circle critters to lower their energy
  • When they run out you can capture them
  • Double circle them to tire them out quicker
  • Decorate your terrarium and place your newly caught friends in there


  • Many levels withy increasing difficulty
  • Endless Mode – Capture as many critters as possible
  • Power Ups to increase your catching abilities
  • Terrarium which allows you to place your critters and decorations


  • Edee
  • Camryn
  • Anja
  • Tyler
  • Ben
  • David


$150, 000


Singleplayer | Mobile | Leaderboard | Endless Mode