Chroma Cannon

2D / Action / Casual

Blast enemy ships as they come to destroy the Chroma. Defend yourself against various enemies in over 30 levels or go for a highscore in Endless Mode.

Defend yourself by using your four cannons to shoot down incoming enemy ships. Watch out though, they are all different and will require new strategies to defeat them. The longer you last the stronger the enemy becomes, make sure you understand every weapon to defend yourself against the incoming waves and their bosses!


  • Shoot your weapons to destroy oncoming enemies
  • Strategise to defeat new enemies as you make your way through each level


  • Addicting and satisfying game
  • Colourful and contrasting colour palette
  • Challenging levels
  • Endless mode to show off your skills


  • Tyler
  • Anja


$100, 000


Singleplayer | Mobile | Leaderboard | Endless Mode | 2D