Card Crawler

2D / 3D / Action / Exploration / Hypercasual / Puzzle

Build your deck, navigate traps, defeat enemies and search the ruins for mystical treasures that power you up!

Card Crawler is a deck building platformer where you speed through levels to get to the ancient treasures that lie within. Build your deck with interesting movement cards, play them to finish levels and earn new cards to build your deck with.


  • Use your cards to naviagate your way through each leve
  • Collect new cards and upgrade your deck


  • Navigatable levels
  • Buildable card deck
  • Short and simple dungeon crawler experience
  • Unique cards allowing you to move in a variety of ways


  • David
  • Tyler
  • Anja


$20, 000


Singleplayer | Mobile | Puzzle | 2D & 3D