Bundimal Rush

2D / Casual / Cute / Puzzle

Stack and sort cute critters based on their similarities and differences. Sort them as quickly as you can or the factory might get clogged!

Meet the Bundimals, a species of cute animals that you must sort through your delightful factory. Frantically drag them into their matching filters before they drop!
Each level will contain different filters, so make sure to check what you’re sorting by!


  • Sort your fuzzy friends by their features
  • Don’t make mistakes or you’ll close the whole factory
  • Keep your favourite bundimals and decorate their enclosure


  • 90+ levels with increasing difficulting
  • Endless mode to show off to your friends
  • Multiple different sorting filters to challenge you
  • Customisable gallery to display your favourite bundimals


  • Edee
  • Camryn
  • Anja
  • Tyler
  • Ben
  • David
  • Ben


$150, 000


Singleplayer | Mobile | Endless Mode | Leaderboard | 2D