Australian Rover Challenge 2024: A Recollection

Australian Rover Challenge 2024: A Recollection Ahh, another year, another Australian Rover Challenge (ARCh); every March many universities descend upon Adelaide from far and wide to attend and compete in ARCh. This year was no different and once again we were there to celebrate alongside the many teams in attendance. The talent we walked into […]

2023 Trends Continuing Into The New Year

The Up and Coming Trends for 2024! 2023 had many original, remakes and reboots of games released but there were also many notable changes to the trends towards the end of the year, some of which were a pleasant surprise. This blog will unpack some of the trends that we think are going to bring […]

Mammoth facts you didn’t see coming, because they’re extinct.

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Growing The Industry

Growing the Adelaide Games Scene Hello everyone! We think it is incredible when companies help to grow and support the growth, development and evolution of their industry. Here at Mini Mammoth Games we are trying to do exactly that despite still being a SME. We are actively supporting new devs, the growth and outreach of […]

Avcon 2023

Avcon 2023 In a good stroke of luck our application to avcon was accepted and we decided to showcase Roving Rovers. This was an exciting start to the now continuous conventions that will crowd the rest of our calendar. Although we had only a week’s notice we had already had our fair share of conventions […]