Boyfriend Rescue

3D / Action / Hypercasual

Throw yourself and your car into the way of the boss’ goons to save your missing boyfriend!

Rush to the finish on your trusty steed, an orange muscle car! make sure to take out as many psychic mobsters as you can with your lance to rack up high scores and huge piles of coins that will help pay the ransom on your sweet Beau!

In this speedy sprinter, you try to knock down as many bad guys as you can with your beast of a muscle car. Your goal is to hit them with the point of your lance to increase your multiplier and knock the boss mobster at the end as far down the lane as you can! The more you hit, the further he will fly!


  • Drive through goons to save your abducted and distraught boyfriend
  • Move your car to each side of the road and mow them all down
  • Skewer as many goons to reach a higher score


  • Fun and staifying game
  • Intuitive controls
  • Fun contrast to many ‘mob’ games on the market
  • Unique story told through a start of game cutscene


  • David
  • Anja


$10, 000


Singleplayer | Mobile | 3D | Levels