2023 Placement Games

Animal Agency

Be a law abiding animal or break the rules to help other animals!

Help Koaly to make the right decision by making sure the animals he is getting are giving him the correct passport!

  • Make sure the passports are correct!
  • Check the animal’s information!
  • Do they match what they look like?
  • Changing animals and environment eash level!

Bowling Bouncer

Become a bowling master!

Test your bowling skills and try to knock down as many pins as possible while avoiding the obstacles in this endless arcade bowler!

Be the best and reach the highest score against your friends!

Ever Hungry

As the darkness encroaches, the only thing ensuring your survival is light…

Trapped within this bleak forest, only accompanies by your fragile light; fend of the encroaching darkness and stand in defiance of this nightmarish entity that surrounds you.

Ever Hungry blends hyper casual and survival horror to create a uniquely terrifying experience that can be enjoyed on the go!

Food Forager

Frantically collect the falling food and without collectiong the mouldy food.

Gather the various foods that fall before it’s too late!

  • Collect food as it falls, BUT be sure to avoid mouldy food!!
  • A limitless amount of food to continue to beat your high score!
  • Over Time; food will fall more rapidly
  • Relaxing level and music design

Mini Golf Mayhem

Mayhem ensues in this simple but chaotic, randomly generated minigolf game!

Mayhem meets mini golf in this simple but ridiculously chaotic game; featuring short courses randomly generated through a variety of fun and wacky obstacles.

Complete these courses to increase your multiplier and earn points; which can be used to purchase a variety of aesthetically pleasing palletes and trails to customise your experience.

Puggy Runner

Frantically run across the yard to beat the Possum to Puggy’s food bowl!

Help Puggy reach his bowl before the nasty Possum thief does!

  • Dodge obstacles from mud to mini cars!
  • Eat snacks left on the floor to boost your speed beyond what any pug has gone before!
  • Fast and smooth movement!
  • Changing environmental backgrounds for each level!

Siren Rush

Rush to the rescue as an ambulance driver in this hyper casual endless runner!

Rush through in an ambulance without colliding into the oncoming obstacles!

  • Avoid the many obstalces including other vehicles!
  • Always try to beat your previous high score!
  • The competition only gets harder the more you progress!

Slime Sling

Sling and bounce the slime through challenging levels!

Sling your slime through tough levels, bouncing off walls and avoiding the many obstacles.

Collect all the hexes on your path to beating all the levels in the fewest slings possible!

Soda Shooter

How far can you go?

Reach the skies as you shoot the soda can in this arcade style shooter!

Avoid abstacles, gain powerups and the best by gaining the highest score!

Challeneg your friends and see who’s got the best eye for shooting!!

Speed Sorter

Conqured by robots; humans are now forced to sort parts in this fun puzzle game!

In an age-old ironic twist, all of humanity has once again been conqured by the veru robots they tirelessly worked to create. With humans now forced to work even more gruelling hours in un-forgiving factories; you have been tasked by your robot overloads to endlessly sort a variety of different components and parts.

Sort correctly, lest you get “fired”… whatever that really means nowadays.

How long will you be albe to last before the crushing expectations of your new mechanical masters catch up to you in this fast-paced puzzle game!

Speedy Spearfishing

Spear fish in this casual game to build a high score before the time runs out!

In this casual arcade target-shooter game, try to catch as many fish as you can before the time runs out.

Successfully catching fish adds to your total scare and builds up a combo multiplier to increase the points you get for each fish.

Keep an eye out for bubbles floating past you and pop them for more time.

Just remember to AVOID pufferfish to keep  the combo going!

Stack Express

Stack the items into your cargo truck!
As a worker of the moving company, “Stack Express”, it is your job to place the items from the sidewalk to inside the cargo truck. The quicker you are, the higher the score you will earn!

This fast and simple game allows you to be quick on item placements as each item will be different sizes and have different appearances. However, you must be mindful of how much time and space left when placing each item.


  • 8 puzzle levels
  • Draggable items
  • Fun gameplay
  • Quick, strategic puzzles

Toast Time

Test your time perception with TOAST TIME!

In Toast Time your trusty toaster is on it’s last legs and its up to you to manually judge hyow long each piece of toast needs to be in for to be toasted to perfection!

Each piece of bread that requires toasting has a set time that it needs be in for in order to be golden brown and ready for consumption. Use your intuition to tast your toast for the correct amount of time; toast too long and it will be burnt and yucky, too short and it will be flimsy and undercooked.

See if you have what it takes to toast your toast to perfection!!

Wheely Bad Day

Test your driving skills in this high speed car chase! Try NOT to crash!

In Wheely Bad Day your goal is to steer your car as far as you can down the street.

Without having any means of slowing down, you must dip, duck, dodge and drive your way around various different obstacles.

Use oil and water puddles to speed up! Collect coins to increase your score and most importantly..